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Library Usage Rules & Regulations

Alvord High School

Library Usage Ageeement

1. General conduct within the Library

a. Users shall at all times conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb other library users.

b. Any person not behaving appropriately within the library will be asked to leave the library.

c. Cell phones are not allowed in the library.

d. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.

e. Articles left unattended for long periods in the library may be removed and treated as lost property.

f.   Students must have a signed library pass from their teacher to use the library during class times and during core.

2. Circulation

a. Books are circulated for two (2) weeks with the option of renewal, if the book has not been requested by another student or teacher. The fine for overdue books is 10 cents per day with a maximum of $5.00 per book.

b. You may check out up to three (3) items at a time as long as you have a clear library account (no overdue books or fines). If you lose or damage a book, the list price plus a $2.50 processing fee must be paid in order to replace the book.

c. Grades are held at the end of the Six Weeks term for overdue books and library fines. Students will periodically receive an overdue notice in their lockers.

3. Computer Use

a. To access the computers in the Library, a computer usage agreement must be signed and turned in to the office.

b. Computer use in the library is a privilege and will be taken away if the student has an overdue book or fine from the previous six weeks.

c. Any violation of the Computer Usage Agreement will result in immediate loss of computer use in the library. The Student will be sent to the office where future use will be determined.